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Watercolour & Art Workshops - Monthly Drop-in Sessions

Join local artist Kat Healy for a watercolour and mixed media workshop in Gullane. These sessions cover all the basics of the mediums in a fun and accessible way and allow you to drop in regularly 1 x Sat per month to develop your practice and technique.

Work in a mindful way, explore your creativity and be encouraged in a supportive group setting.

If you want to attend an absolute BEGINNER class, use this link for booking info: Introduction to Watercolour.

SEPT-DEC 2023 - BLOCK BOOKING - Monthly Watercolour Workshops (Saturday)


SEPT - Sat 23rd 2023 - Watercolour Workshop


OCT 28th 2023 - Watercolour Workshop


NOV - Sat 25th 2023 - Watercolour Workshop


DEC - Sat 9th 2023 - Watercolour Workshop

From £20.00

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