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ALL Watercolour Workshops

Join East Lothian artist, Kat Healy for a watercolour workshop in Gullane Village. 

Choose from a taster, introduction to watercolour session or a join a regular Saturday morning session to build on your skills.

Covering the fundamentals of the medium such as washes, colour and texture to more theoretical aspects such as colour theory, colour mixing and composition, there is something to suit everyone.

Intro sessions from 12+ yrs (accompanied by an adult), regular on-going sessions from 14+ (with an adult).

Seasonal workshop specials are also available. Come and create an original greeting card or vignette in a fun, inspiring environment.

SEPT-DEC 2023 - BLOCK BOOKING - Monthly Watercolour Workshops (Saturday)


13th Oct & 10th Nov - Drawing Mindfully - Autumn Schedule(18:30)

From £20.00

SEPT - Sat 23rd 2023 - Watercolour Workshop


MAY - Sat 20th 2023 - Land, Sea & Skies - Introduction to Watercolour Workshop

From £55.00

NOV - Sat 18th 2023 - Introduction to Watercolour Workshop - Autumn Blooms & Berries (10:00)

From £55.00

OCT - Sat 7th 2023 - Introduction to Watercolour, Workshop - Seafoam & Starfish (10:00)

From £55.00

NOV - Sat 25th 2023 - Watercolour Workshop


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