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Advent Podcast Series with Kat Healy: ep. 3

Advent Podcast Series with Kat Healy: ep. 3

Enjoy episode 3 of our Advent podcast series with Kat Healy. Kat reflects on the possibility of finding silver linings during challenging situations and discusses the process of nurturing creative practice and creative self-expression as a tool to strengthen our resolve and access joy in daily activities. 

Kat reads the winter-themed poem 'Just doing my job' by Clare Bevan and shares verses 1,2 and 3 of 'Light the Advent Candle (Advent Song) by Mary Lu Walker.

"Creative practice isn't about becoming the next Rembrandt! Creativity isn't about being 'artistic', per se. It's about self expression and creatively engaging the mind and body in a way that enhances a sense of wellbeing. Redirecting or reframing negative emotion and anxiety through creative expression is a great tool to have." (Kat Healy, 2020)



  • 1:00 - Intro
  • 0:50 - Week 3 Advent theme 'joy'
  • 2:00 - A gentle reminder that your feelings (and you) matter! 
  • 3:25 - 5:35 - Finding 'joy' during challenging times / silver linings / nurturing a creative practice and creative self expression to enhance wellbeing
  • 5:35 - Week 3, Advent reflection
  • 5:54 - Winter poem, 'Just doing my job' by Clare Bevan
  • 7:43 - 'Light the Advent Candle' (Advent Song - Mary Lu Walker) Verses 1,2 & 3

Thanks to Thilo Pfander for producing the podcast and providing the music, and to Garry Boyle at Slate Room for recording/mix/master of 'Light the Advent Candle'.


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